Tuesday, January 26, 2016

3.1 The one with the crunchy waffles

I get the feeling that something is missing. Something’s not quite right here. What is missing?!
*noises in the background*
Oh, shut up, all of you! I need to think! Mhmmm. What could I possibly have forgotten to do on this first day of being an adult?
You know, when I started my first job, I felt the exact same way. The night before my first day I was a nutcase, triple-checking whether my clothes were fine, my bag was packed and my jewellery was appropriate.
HA! That’s it! Amhranai, I don’t have a job! That’s why I am feeling so empty. Didn’t I tell you I wanted to be a scientist, like, a million times? How could you not have gotten me a job in the science centre?
Whoa, slow down. I am sure I made you go down to th…oh, I actually didn’t. Whoops. Sorry. But I WANTED to, if that helps.
Yeah, because that will surely get me promoted. Seriously?! You WANTED to? How is that going to help? Let’s go over there right now! 

I believe fancy clothes will make this much easier. Finally, the work on the treadmill pays off. I officially look awesome, and if they don’t give me a job, they are really stupid.
Willow, I am not completely sure if hotness is the deciding factor in this job. I believe that handiness and a green thumb are more helpful…just a guess, though.

Back home.
I am awesome! I am a World Renowned Surgeon, and I got there all by myself! Now I can cut open people’s brains!
That’s nice, Dad. I am going to grow vegetables for a living! Most of them are green, just how you like them. 

Do you think I’m stupid? Are you actually insulting my brain? I know that only a few vegetables are green! Your brain is the stupid one, not mine. If I got to cut it open, there would be nothing but emptiness!

Of course there would be something! No brain is just empty; you should know that!
Yeah, right. *eye rolls*
A loving relationship, ladies and gentlemen. Moving on.

Hey, it’s your first day at work – are you excited?
I don’t know…the fight with my Dad last night pretty much ruined my mood. What if he’s right? What if I am actually stupid?
Willow, listen to me. You are probably the smartest sim I have ever encountered or read about. You are going to be an amazing scientist. Your dad probably was just jealous that the legacy centres around you now. Don’t worry, you are going to do an amazing job. Literally.

I’m convinced. I’m awesome, and so is this toast with strawberry jam. Excellent food, and definitely better than whatever my little sister is cooking back there in the kitchen right now.
Hey, my waffles are going to be delicious! Okay, they may appear black to some, but that is my special recipe. I like them crunchy.
Yeah, right. Fortunately, I no longer have time to listen to obvious excuses like this, I have a job to get to. Wish me luck, everybody!
*mumbles about crunchy waffles and doesn’t pay attention*
Fine. Whatever. I’m going to do a dramatic exit now. See you tonight.